LowSaltFoods.com is a resource for people who want to follow a low-salt diet. It was created and developed in 2003 by Bobbie Mostyn, author of Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods and The Hasty Gourmet© Low Salt Favorites, and InData Group, Inc., publisher.

Bobbie’s Story
I was diagnosed with high blood pressure in 1999 and told to watch my salt intake. I was determined to find out all I could about hypertension and what I could do to keep it in check.

For decades I took pride in preparing healthy meals . . . or so I thought. I sought out low-fat foods, used whole grains, limited meats to poultry and fish, and even threw away the saltshaker years ago. Little did I know that my “healthy” diet had been filled with sodium and other foods that contributed to the rise in my blood pressure.

When my doctor suggested I start reading labels, I was amazed at the amount of sodium my husband and I were consuming. One of our favorite healthy meals was a garden salad with lots of veggies, fat-free cheddar, and fat-free Italian dressing… it came in at a whopping 1,120mg of sodium! And that’s before we added a slice of whole wheat bread and margarine (which is a couple hundred more).

I couldn’t believe it! When I added up my daily sodium consumption it averaged more than 3,500 mg a day . . . way too much!

Since then I have talked with many people who have hypertension and other ailments where sodium restriction is encouraged, only to find most of them were like me. We thought if we don’t use the saltshaker, then we’re doing okay… completely unaware of how much salt we are actually consuming. (To see how aware you are, take the Salt Savvy quiz.)

In an effort to help others who need to reduce their sodium consumption, I wrote and published my 2 books and developed this website. I hope it is helpful to you and that you will tell your friends and healthcare providers about our books and website.

Here’s hoping my efforts increase your awareness of what you’re consuming and support your journey towards a low-salt lifetstyle!

Bobbie Mostyn