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  • GENERIC AVERAGE − this amount is calculated by averaging the sodium in all brands of this food type.
  • LOW SODIUM BRANDS − products are listed alphabetically and are very low in sodium (35mg or less) unless indicated.

Find more low-sodium products with 140mg or less in the Pocket Guide To Low Sodium Foods.


Bagel, plain, small, 1.6 oz (190mg)
Bagel, cinnamon raisin, mini, 1 oz (281mg)
Bagel, plain, med, 3.5 oz (443mg)
Bagel, plain, large, 4.7 oz (553mg)

LOW SODIUM BRANDS (130mg or less)
Against the Grain Gourmet
GF Everything, 1/2 (110mg)
Against the Grain Gourmet GF Sesame, 1/2 (110mg)
Alvarado St Bakery
 Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin, 1/2 (130mg)
Great Low Carb Bread Co Low Cal Plain (100mg)
Great Low Carb Bread Co Low Cal Cinnamon (100mg)
Great Low Carb Bread Co Low Cal Everything (100mg)
Greater Knead GF French Toast Bagel, 1/2 (130mg)
Kinnikinnick GF Cinnamon Raisin, 1/2 (125mg)
One Mighty Mill Mini Whole Wheat Plain (130mg)
Pepperidge Farms Mini Bagels Cinnamon Raisin (117mg)
Pepperidge Farms Mini Bagels 100% Whole Wheat (120mg)
Pepperidge Farms Mini Bagels Plain (130mg)

Biscuits & Popovers

Popovers (Yorkshire pudding), mix, 1 oz (257mg)
Biscuit, plain or buttermilk, low fat, refrig, 1.5 oz (353mg)
Biscuit, plain or buttermilk, refrig, 1.5 oz (450mg)
Biscuit, mix, 1/3 cup (512mg)

LOW SODIUM BRANDS (100mg or less)
LS, Sugar Free Biscuit Mix (65mg)
Extra White Gold
Pizza/Bread/Biscuit Mix (100mg)
Goldenfry Yorkshire Pudding/Pancake Mix (90mg)
Keto Bakes Buttery Biscuits Keto Bake Mix (80mg)


Gluten free bread, whole grain, 1 slice (128mg)
Gluten free white bread, 1 slice (144mg)
Wheat bread, 1 oz slice (146mg)
Oatmeal bread, 1 oz slice (168mg)
French or sourdough bread, 1 oz slice (182mg)
Rye bread, 1 oz slice (185mg)
White bread, 1 oz slice (191mg)
Boston brown, canned, 1 oz slice (284mg)
Chibatta, 2 oz slice (310mg)
Focaccia bread, 2 oz slice (320mg)
French baguette, 2 oz slice (385mg)

Sweet/Quick breads
Panetone, 1 oz slice (88mg)
Cinnamon bread, 1 oz slice (109mg)
Raisin bread, 1 oz slice (121mg)
Quick bread mix, banana, 1 slice (190mg)
Banana bread mix, GF, 1 slice (260mg)

LOW SODIUM BRANDS (60mg or less)
Alvarado St Bakery Sprouted Wheat, No Salt, 1 slice (10mg)
Alvarado St Bakery Sprouted Flax Seed (55mg)
Angelic Bake House NSA Sprouted Bread (25mg)
Breadsmith Cardamom Bread, 1/2″ slice (5mg)
Breadsmith Vanilla Egg, 1/2″ slice (60mg)
Breadsmith Stollen (60mg)
Breadsmith Apple Cinnamon Walnut Dessert Bread (60mg)
Daily Bread LS Bakery White Bread (7mg)
Daily Bread LS Bakery Vanilla Rose (8mg)
Daily Bread LS Bakery Mediterranean Herb (8mg)
Daily Bread LS Bakery Curry Masala Bread (9mg)
Daily Bread LS Bakery Turmeric “Turaxami” (9mg)
Daily Bread LS Bakery Turmeric Basil (9mg)
Daily Bread LS Bakery 1/4 Loaf Light Rye (9mg)
Daily Bread LS Bakery 1/4 Loaf Dark Rye (11mg)
Ener-G GF Brown Rice Loaf (10mg)
Ener-G GF Light White Rice Loaf (40mg)
Ener-G GF Corn Loaf (50mg)
Ener-G GF Light White Flax Loaf (60mg)
Ener-G GF Keto Bread Thin Sliced (60mg)
Food for Life Organic Ezekiel 4:9 Low Sodium (0mg)
Food for Life GF Rice Almond (10mg)
Food for Life GF Rice Pecan (15mg)
Food for Life Organic Genesis 1:29 Sprouted Grain & Seed (60mg)
Gillian’s GF White Sandwich (28mg)
Manna Organics Mighty Manna Whole Rye (0mg)
Manna Organics Mighty Manna Sunseed (0mg)
Manna Organics Mighty Manna Millet Rice (0mg)
Manna Organics Mighty Manna Multigrain (0mg)
Manna Organics Mighty Manna Cinnamon Date (0mg)
Manna Organics Mighty Manna Fig Fennel (0mg)
Manna Organics Mighty Manna Fruit & Nut (0mg)
Manna Organics Mighty Manna Banana Walnut Hemp (0mg)
Manna Organics Mighty Manna Carrot Raisin (0mg)
Pepperidge Farm Very Thin 100% Whole Wheat (60mg)
Shiloh Farms Sprouted 7 Grain Salt Free (0mg)
Simply Nature Knock Your Socks Off 7 Grain Reduced Sodium (60mg)

Bread Crumbs

Panko crumbs, unseasoned, 1/4 cup, avg (45mg)
Graham cracker crumbs, 1/4 cup, avg (140mg)
Corn flake crumbs, 1/4 cup, avg (160mg)
Bread crumbs, plain, 1/4 cup, avg (270mg)
Panko crumbs, seasoned, 1/4 cup, avg (340mg)

4C Seasoned, Salt Free, 1/4 cup (0mg)
Hol-Grain GF Brown Rice Crumbs SF (0mg)
Kikkoman GF Panko Style Coating, 1 oz (15mg)
Kikkoman Panko Japanese Style Crumbs, 1 oz (35mg)
Landau GF Crispy Crumbs, 1 oz (5mg)
Landau GF Flavored Crumbs, 1 oz (35mg)
Landau GF Panko Crumbs Plain, 0.5 oz (10mg)
OrgraN GF Rice Crispi Breadcrumbs (0mg)

Bread/Pastry Dough & Mixes

Whole wheat bread, ready-to-bake, 1.9 oz slice (220mg)
Fillo (phyllo) dough, 3 sheets (274mg)
Puff pastry, 1/6 sheet, 1.5 oz, avg (210mg)
White bread, ready-to-bake, 1.9 oz slice (280mg)
Puff pastry, 1 shell, 1.7 oz (117mg)

Banana quick bread mix, 1 slice, avg (190mg)
Whole wheat or rye bread, mix, 1 slice, avg (240mg)
Wheat or white bread, mix, 1 slice, avg (280mg)

Alessi Hand Rolled Mini Cannoli Shells (0mg)
Mini Fillo Shells, 2 shells (20mg)
Athens Mini Fillo Shells, 2 shells (25mg)
Aussie Bakery Puff Pastry (40mg)
Bellino Mini Cannoli Shells (5mg)
Bellino Cannoli Shells (15mg)
Fillo Factory
 Mini Fillo Shells, 3 shells (30mg)
Roland Large Chocolate Cup, 7 (0mg)
Roland Mini Bouchees Pastry Sehlls (25mg)
Signature Select
 Mini Phyllo Pastry Shells, 2 (25mg)
Wegmans Mini Phyllo Pastry Shells, 2 (20mg)

Mixes (100mg or less)
Bob’s Red Mill Low-Carb Bread (92mg)
Chebe Cinnamon Roll-ups, 0.8 oz (100mg)
Gluten-Free Essentials Lemon Poppy Seed Bread & Muffins, 1/24 (70mg)
Harborside Bakery Lemon Poppy Seed, 1/15 (75mg)
King Arthur Almond Filled Sweet (50mg)
King Arthur Cinnamon Caramel Monkey Bread (55mg)
King Arthur Garlic Grilling Bread & Pizza (75mg)
McCann’s Irish Brown (100mg)
Pillsbury Blueberry (100mg)
Toro Celiac-Safe White or Whole Meal Bread (90mg)



Breadstick, plain, ready-to-bake, frozen, 1 oz (134mg)
Breadstick, plain, shelf-stable, 0.5 oz, avg (150mg)

LOW SODIUM BRANDS (80mg or less)
Angonoa’s Deli-Style Garlic Sesame (80mg)
Bellino Artisan Breadsticks Organic Classic (80mg)
Bellino Artisan Breadsticks Organic Garlic & Herb (80mg)
Bellino Artisan Breadsticks Organic Sesame (80mg)
Stella D’oro
Sesame (80mg)
Toufayan Crispy Breadstick Garlic, 3 (80mg)

Buns & Sandwich Rolls

Slider hamburger bun (139mg)
Hot dog or hamburger bun, 1.5 oz (206mg)
Sandwich thins, 2 oz roll (300mg)
Kaiser roll, 2 oz (310mg)
Hoagie/submarine, med, 3.8 oz (524mg)

LOW SODIUM BRANDS (125mg or less)
Bakerly Brioche Rolls (125mg)
Daily Bread LS Bakery
Hot Dog Bun (6mg)
Daily Bread LS Bakery Burger Bun (6mg)
Great Low Carb Bread Co
 Paleo Burger Bun (70mg)
Hot Dog Pita, 1/2 (80mg)
Sami’s Bakery
Millet/Flax Hamburger Bun (90mg)

Dinner Rolls & Croissants

Dinner roll, brown and serve, 1 oz (150mg)
Croissant, small, 1.5 oz (196mg)
Crescent roll dough, refrig, 1 oz (210mg)
Dinner roll dough, refrig, 1 oz (250mg)

LOW SODIUM BRANDS (90mg or less)
Cherry Croissant (75mg)
Flora Apricot Croissant (80mg)
Flora Pastry Cream Croissant (80mg)
Flora Chocolate Croissant (80mg)
Flora Chocolate & Pastry Croissant (85mg)
King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (80mg)
King’s Hawaiian
 Jalapeno Rolls (85mg)
L’oven Fresh Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (60mg)
Sweet Dinner Potato Rolls (90mg)

English Muffins

Cinnamon-raisin English muffin, 2 oz (189mg)
Plain or sourdough English muffin, 2 oz (242mg)
Whole wheat English muffin, 2 oz (264mg)

LOW SODIUM BRANDS (140mg or less)
Aunt Millie’s
Cinnamon Raisin (125mg)
Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 Organic LS (0mg)
Food for Life Genesis 1:29 (140mg)
 Keto English Muffins (140mg)
Trader Joe’s
Classic English Muffins (70mg)

Matzo Balls & Dumplings

Matzo ball mix, 2 tbsp, avg (700mg)

Meal Mart Matzoh Balls, 3.3 oz (30mg)

Muffins & Scones

Blueberry muffin, mix, 1 muffin (206mg)
Blueberry muffin, ready-to-eat, small, 2.4 oz (222mg)
Oat bran muffin, ready-to-eat, small, 2.4 oz (259mg)
Corn muffin, small, 2.4 oz (225mg)
Scone, 2.5 oz (312mg)
Blueberry muffin, ready-to-eat, large, 6 oz (529mg)

LOW SODIUM BRANDS (65mg or less)
Cornbread & Muffin Mix (50mg)
CarbOlicious Low Carb Cappuccino (65mg)
CarbOlicious Low Carb Marble (65mg)
CarbOlicious Low Carb Cinnamon (65mg)
CarbOlicious Low Carb Strawberry (65mg)
CarbOlicious Low Carb Chocolate (65mg)
Katz Gluten Free Muffin Snacks Fudge Brownie, 4 (35mg)
Lakanto Gluten Free Sugar Free Blueberry Muffin Mix (60mg)
Lakanto Gluten Free Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin Mix (65mg)
Lakanto Gluten Free Double Chocolate Muffin Mix (65mg)
Namaste Gluten Free No Sugar Added Muffin Mix (60mg)
Pantry Shelf Sunrise Breakfast Muffin Mix (55mg)
Pantry Shelf Blueberry Muffin Mix (60mg)
Sweet Logic Pumpkin Spice Bread/Muffin Mix (60mg)
Sweet Logic Morning Orange Almond Muffin Mix (61mg)
Sweet Logic Luscious Lemon Poppyseed Muffin Mix (62mg)

Pita & Pocket Breads

Whole wheat pita, small 4″ diam (118mg)
White pita, small 4″ diam (150mg)
Whole wheat pita, large 6.5″ diam (269mg)
White pita, large 6.5″ diam (322mg)

LOW SODIUM BRANDS (80mg or less)
Joseph’s Mini Whole Wheat Pita Bread (75mg)
Sami’s Bakery
Whole Wheat Oatmeal Pita (15mg)
Sami’s Bakery
 Small White Pita Bread (50mg)
Toufayan Bakeries Smart Pockets Original (50mg)
Toufayan Bakeries Smart Pockets Everything (50mg)
Toufayan Bakeries Smart Pockets 100% Whole Wheat(50mg)
Toufayan Bakeries Smart Carb Pockets Whole Oats & Flax (80mg)


Bread stuffing, dry mix, 1 oz (397mg)
Cornbread stuffing, dry mix, 1 oz (405mg)
Bread stuffing, prepared, 1 cup (479mg)
Cornbread, prepared, 1 cup (526mg)

LOW SODIUM BRANDS (120mg or less)
Aleia’s Gluten Free Plain Stuffing, 1/4 cup (700mg)
Gillian’s Foods
Gluten Free Home Style Stuffing, 1/2 cup (95mg)
LC Foods Low Carb Seasoned, 1/4 cup (101mg)
Potatobred Soft Cube Stuffing, 1/2 cup (120mg)

Wraps & Flatbreads

Flatbread (lavash), plain, 2.8 oz (230mg)
Naan, plain, 3.2 oz (418mg)
Flour tortilla, 10″, avg (445mg)

LOW SODIUM BRANDS (75mg or less)
Ataria’s Mini Flatbread Traditional (70mg)
Gluten Free Egg Wraps with Cauliflower (25mg)
Egg Wraps with Gluten Free Grains (25mg)
New Gem Foods
 Carrot Sandwich Wrap (15mg)
New Gem Foods Mango Chipotle Sandwich Wrap (20mg)
New Gem Foods Applewood Smoked Tomato Wrap (25mg)
New Gem Foods 
Apple Kale Sandwich Wrap (30mg)
New Gem Foods Tomato Sandwich Wrap (35mg)
Nuco Gluten Free Organic Coconut Wraps, all varieties (10mg)
Tumaro’s Carb Wise Oat with Flax Wrap (75)
Wrawp Gluten Free Organic Coconut Wraps Spirulina (10mg)
Wrawp Gluten Free Organic Coconut Wraps Chia (10mg)
Wrawp Gluten Free Organic Coconut Wraps Original (10mg)
Wrawp Gluten Free Organic Veggie Wraps Energy Morning (10mg)
Wrawp Gluten Free Organic Mini Veggie Wrap Original (70mg)
Wrawp Gluten Free Organic Mini Veggie Wrap Veggie Life (75mg)
Wrawp Gluten Free Organic Mini Veggie Wrap Spirulina (75mg)
Wrawp Gluten Free Organic Mini Veggie Wrap Spicy (75mg)

Abbreviations used:

GF gluten free
LS low salt
mg milligrams
NSA no salt added


oz ounce
prep prepared
tbsp tablespoon
tsp teaspoon