Although there is a push by the FDA and other health organizations to reduce sodium in processed foods, manufacturers have been opposed to it. They contend that low-sodium products often don’t fare well in the marketplace. Taste is the main reason people buy a particular product and when salt is removed, consumers react negatively to the loss of flavor.

Unfortunately, food manufacturers cannot be forced to produce low-salt items. it’s much easier for them to stop manufacturing a product than it is to create a new item, particularly one that probably won’t be embraced by consumers.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen that many food makers and restaurants are not lowering the sodium in their products. Instead they are adding more sodium! Unfortunately, many smaller manufacturers that previously produced low-salt products are either out-of-business or no longer producing them. A sad state for those of us who are concerned about the salt in our diets.

It’s crucial that we continue to support products that are lower in sodium, and contact manufacturers who aren’t participating. We need to send a loud and clear message… write to them and let them know we are concerned about our health and want more low-salt products.