Many of you may have tried some low-salt products only to find they have no taste… in fact, you might find that some are downright yucky! We’ve found some very good tasting products which we think you will also like.

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Baking & Cooking Needs

Bread Crumbs & Other Breading

  • Kikkoman Panko Breadcrumbs – This a great coating for just about anything. If you haven’t tried panko crumbs, you’ve missing a tasty, low-salt alternative to plain old bread crumbs. Just make sure you don’t used seasoned panko breadcrumbs.

Leavening Agents

  • Featherweight Baking Powder, SF – works well as a replacement for baking powder in recipes. Usually must double amount called for in recipe to get good results.
  • Southern Homestyle Tortilla Crumbs – great tasting… sprinkle on top of casseroles in place of breadcrumbs or as a coating for chicken.

Salt, Seasonings & Herbs

  • AlsoSalt – Try this and you’ll never miss the salt! This salt substitute tastes so much like salt and no tinny taste. Also comes in garlic or butter flavored, the latter is great on popcorn.
  • Blazing Blends Chile Blends – 4 different varieties from mild to hot, spicy and smokey. Outstanding flavor, perfect for the BBQ, in chilis, on potato chips, in Middle Eastern dishes and more. If you like it hot, try the Habanero – it comes with a warning, “Do not rub your eyes, lick your lips, or touch any part of your skin until you wash your hands thoroughly.”
  • Nutrifit – 5 unique spice blends that add lots of flavor without the salt. The uses for these spices are endless… add to poultry, meat, fish, soups, salads, casseroles, dips, sauces, desserts and more. If you like an added zip, try the Calypso for a zesty southwestern taste or Rockin’ Moroccan for a more exotic Middle Eastern flavor.


  • Mitsukan Rice Vinegar – This is a staple in our house that we use in many Asian dishes and we don’t miss the added sodium from seasoned rice vinegar
Condiments & Sauces


  • Inglehoffer Sweet Hot Mustard – Sweet and spicy… perfect with Swiss cheese and LS crackers… yum!

Nut Butters

  • Adams Peanut Butter, Natural, Unsalted – Nothing but nuts, creamy and flavorful, but will take getting used to if you’re a regular peanut butter user. Add jam and other favorites until you get used to the lack of salt.


  • Lindsay Low Sodium Black Olives – These are delicious… you don’t need them any saltier.
Dairy & Eggs

Cottage Cheese

  • NSA cottage cheese – very bland, try mixing half regular with half NSA.
Desserts & Sweets


  • Barry’s Bakery Merangos – Delicious, but high in sugar if watching your sweets.
  • Barry’s Bakery French Twists – So good they’re habit forming, low in fat, carbohydrates and sugar . . . can’t beat this with a cup of coffee.
  • Lu Le Chocolatier & Le Truffe, Praline/Chocolate – These French delicacies will melt in your mouth.
  • Trader Joe’s Meringues – Light and scrumptous.

Desserts Sauces & Toppings

  • Wax Orchards Fudge Sauces – You won’t believe these fat free, fruit sweetened fudge sauces are not the real thing. Great tasting in all flavors, including three chocolates, peppermint, amaretto and orange passion. Gourmet Magazine raved: “heavenly, wholesome hot fudge – a rich yet non-fat chocolate”.
Meats, Fish & Seafood

Fish & Seafood − Canned

  • StarKist LS Chunk White Tuna and LS Albacore – Don’t confuse the LS Chunk White with the LS Chunk Light (nearly 3 times the sodium). The fish is firm and appears to be a better grade than regular.
Snack Foods

Chips & Nibblers

  • Guiltless Gourmet Unsalted Yellow Corn – Great taste in these baked, low fat chips.
  • Naturally Preferred Yellow Corn Chips – Thick, crisp and tasty.
  • Que Pasa Corn Chips – Light, crisp and taste salty but without the salt. For a fun twist, try the red (dyed with beet juice), same great taste as the regular.
  • Terra Chips, LS & NSA – All the low sodium and NSA Terra chips are yummy and addictive!

Crackers & Crispbreads

  • Dare All Natural Water Crackers – The perfect cracker for Inglehoff’s Sweet Hot Mustard and Swiss cheese.
  • Gold’NKrackle Garlic – Delicious platter-size crispbread. Break off pieces to eat with dips and spreads.
  • Nabisco Ritz Crackers, Hint of Salt – Not too bad, Wheat Thins are better
  • Nabisco Triscuits, Hint of Salt – Same great taste, but not so salty.
  • Nabisco Wheat Thins, Hint of Salt – With the sweet, nutty flavor of these nibblies, you don’t miss the salt.
  • Partners Crackers – Lots of herb flavors, who needs the salt
Soups & Chili

Bouillon, Broths & Bases

  • Herb-Ox Beef or Chicken Bouillon, LS – Nice blend of spices and good flavor, can also use as a seasoning to pick up bland dishes.
  • Vogue Cuisine Onion Base or VegeBase – Lots of flavor – a great alternative to salty bouillon.


  • Health Valley Spicy Vegetarian, NSA – Nice tomato flavor, not as hardy as a beef-based chili, but tasty.


  • Campbell’s LS Soups – A little bland, add your own herbs and spices to perk up the taste.

Veggies, Tomatoes & Beans

Vegetables − Canned

  • No Salt Added Corn, all brands – Nice fresh corn flavor.


  • Contadina Tomato Paste – A long-time personal favorite, adds a rich tomato flavor to all dishes. And a lot less sodium than the other brands.
  • Muir Glen Fire-Roasted Diced Tomatoes, NSA – These are perfect in any dish that calls for tomatoes.
  • Pomi Chopped Tomatoes – Packaged in a convenient box with nothing but bright red delicious tomatoes.

Beans & Legumes

  • Eden Organic, all bean varieties – Just good beans.
  • Westbrae Natural Organic, all bean varieties – Like Eden, good bean taste.